Let's Connect

eLumen’s Annual free virtual conference

eLumenation is an innovative and informative virtual space for institutions and eLumen staff to work together in order to support and improve higher education. eLumenation 2022 included informational sessions, roundtable discussions, sharing of best practices through client presentations, and demonstrate new and exciting eLumen features.
This year, our sessions focussed on answering these key questions:
How Are You Aligning Your Community?
Strategies for streamlining and optimizing your processes
How Are You Learning What Your Community Needs?
Preparing your community for a successful new year
How Are You Seeing Your Community In Action?
Curriculum development to handle the evolving curricular needs and "just-in-time" adjustments
How Are You Determining Your Community's Success?
Assessment practices to inform future decisions
How Are You Envisioning Your Community's Future?
Strategies to breakdown silos and boost success