Outcomes Mapping & Assessment


Design and evolve your assessment strategy at the course, program, and institutional levels.

Manage your curriculum map, assessment plan, and rubrics in one place.

Prioritize your work, track your progress and communicate across your institution.

See how it works with eLumen.

eLumen on desktop

Create, align, and develop your learning outcome assessment strategy.

curriculum map

Rich, flexible model for designing and aligning learning outcomes

assessment rubric design

Rubric-based scoring, by student and by course, with LMS integration 

narrative reflections

Templated self-reflection surveys for faculty with LMS integration

automated reminders

Email notifications and alerts by role for cycle-based planning

quantitative analysis

Aggregate and disaggregate data segmented by demographics and course attributes


Real-time reporting and data exporting for accreditation, performance, and program review reports

Harness the power of eLumen's data science on your campus.


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