Curriculum & Catalog Management


Manage your curriculum development at the course and program levels and integrate curricular records into a catalog.

Edit, track, approve, and report on your curriculum in one centralized location. 

With the eLumen platform, ensure your curricular records are up to date and accurately represent your course and program offerings.

See how it works with eLumen.


Streamline your curriculum development with configurable workflows and record management tools.

configurable workflows

Configure role-based workflows to ensure timely completion at each step of your approval process

proposal tracking

Oversee and track curricular proposals for improved management and reporting

dynamic Degree mapping

Visualize degree plans and represent multiple learner pathways to completion

transparent communication

Customizable community-based alerts to ensure timely review of course and program proposals

custom Template design

Create templates with custom fields to represent your course and program offerings to meet local and accreditation requirements

Reporting and accreditation

Export and share version-controlled reports that reflect accreditation and articulation requirements

record management

Organize, store, and access historical course and program records

auto-populated fields

Calculate credits and hours automatically with validation rules to reduce user error

Catalog integration

Update your catalog automatically when curriculum changes are approved

Harness the power of eLumen's data science on your campus.


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