Real-world, student-centered progress sounds pretty good. Let’s make that happen.

eLumen is a higher-ed, assessment and curriculum management system that gives real insight into each students’ engagement and progress—while satisfying the growing demands of accreditation and other compliance mandates.

It’s an achievable, practical solution that turns what you “have to do” into a new opportunity to do what you “want to do.”


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Connecting What’s Possible: Discover a New View of Institutional Effectiveness


The future of higher-ed is real progress, for each student.

Helping students successfully reach their individual goals is what we’re all here for. eLumen believes institutions can guide and manage the progress of every student to reach their goals, whatever those goals might be.

Real Progress Could Look Like This

You may be thinking, “Whatever. You don’t know my reality.”

People commonly see this as a massive institutional challenge, eLumen sees it as an opportunity for sustainable improvement.

We know your outside pressures are real and resources are scarce. We know faculty and institutional staff already have more than enough to do. And we know your LMS, SIS and other tools have probably been there for a while—they don’t work well with each other.

And we know better visibility into institutional effectiveness and ultimately student progress is possible. All you need is a system to help you connect what you already do.

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How eLumen Connects What’s Possible to create a New Vision of Institutional Effectiveness

eLumen is a system of record that helps your institutional efforts work better by working together.

Our assessment and curriculum management system gives you real-time insights into student learning outcomes, curricular performance, and student services success. This begins with tracking student learning outcomes by students, not courses.


Outcomes That


Learning Outcomes data can be tracked across your institution, in curricular and co-curricular context and used for much more than accreditation.


Decisions Driven by Attainments


Students, advisors, and Student Services can make decisions based on a competency-level view of attainment and take action in a single workflow.


Lemons Transformed
To Lemonade


Curriculum developed from the outcomes it will assess, and program review that drives data-driven continuous improvement, will transform and connect work that used to be just for accreditation into sustainable, emergent process of student learning and engagement.

eLumen is a system that works for the institution.

eLumen makes assessment simpler and more effective.

Everyone spends less time finding, aggregating and managing assessment data, and more time focusing on the actual assessment; we’ll take care of that other stuff.

Faculty members gain insights that allow them to use this data for reflection and continuous improvement—all without compromising faculty privacy.

eLumen can be embedded within your existing LMS via LTI to make practical, smart use of what your institution already has—even includes results and action plans.

SIS and eLumen data can feed eLumen tabular and visual reporting inside program-review and accreditation templates—which makes good, smart use of what you already have.

Teams are more efficient by working together with an integrated document library and role-based templates—which flexibly allows content to be managed per-cycle and per-milestone within a cycle.

eLumen planning tools enables alignment of assessments, action plans, surveys and other activities to your cycles, giving clear, institutional at-a-glance views of progress, activity and next steps.

Easier program review and accreditation management, and more insightful.


Quite simply, eLumen connects powerful, new possibilities.

Curriculum and program design now enable a new era of student progress.


Now courses can be built and programs can be aligned to actual objectives and learning outcomes, even using third-party skill libraries.

When curriculum is created in eLumen, competencies and learning outcomes are automatically available from assessment; courses and programs are aligned to continuous improvement cycles.

With badging and our extended transcript built in, your curriculum and student learning outcomes are ready to automatically power the next generation of pathways and education planning.

Now with education plans driven by competency-based curriculum, and badge-based pathways, students can be continuously engaged in their personal progress.

The institution can engage in co-remedial and co-curricular strategies effectively, using directed or supplemental learning activities based on individual competencies and outcomes.

With the eLumen ePortfolio and Extended Transcript, students can communicate their achievements at the badge, learning outcome, course or program, and ePortfolio levels—all while allowing advisor and mentor access to portfolios.

Students are more successful and more in-charge.


Allows faculty to focus on one thing: teaching.

Because of “zero-training” course-embedded assessment, eLumen is practical to implement and use.

Faculty decides who sees their data and reflections with the eLumen privacy and security approach.

When faculty finishes work on a course, they can be done—the eLumen system takes care of calculating data, aligning it to program review needs, and other institutional assessment requirements.

eLumen enables committed colleges and universities to create the kind of seamless, faculty-centered culture of assessment that many of us have dreamed about since the 1980s. From its launch, it has been the best platform of its kind that I have seen out there and it is only getting better.

Peter EwellVice-President of National Center for Higher Education Management Systems

This is the future of higher education.

Phyllis MableExecutive Director of Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education

Using eLumen has the potential for driving major transformative institutional change.

L. Dee FinkFounding director, Instructional Development Program at the University of Oklahoma, Author, Creating Significant Learning Experiences

Here, finally, is a way that colleges can systematically
focus on student learning.

John Tagg Author, The Learning Paradigm College

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