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Thinking Outside the Box: Data-Driven Conversations Lead To Improved Offerings and Morale

November 11, 2023

Metropolitan Community College, Kansas City (MCCKC) hosted dynamic professional development events across all five campuses. The community reviewed learning outcome data and program review reports collectively to identify gaps in offerings and opportunities to better meet the needs of dual enrollment students and adult learners.

By “thinking outside the box”, MCCKC transformed the institution’s culture to meet the needs of the “new” learner and increased the value of the program review process. 

About the presenter

Tammie May

Dr. Tammie May is the Executive Director of Curriculum and Student Learning at Metropolitan Community College (MCC) in Kansas City, Missouri. She began her career as a sociology instructor at MCC 26 years ago. After being in the classroom for 17 years, Dr. May moved into administration. She has served in a variety of roles at the college including the MCC Cass County Director, the MCC-Penn Valley Title III Grant Director, and the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Curriculum and Student Learning.
Dr. May’s passion is collaborating with faculty and others to build a culture around the continuous improvement of student learning and success. Dr. May has led MCC’s configuration of eLumen’s assessment and curriculum platform, and the college’s initiative to increase faculty assessment participation. Over the last three semesters, Dr. May has successfully increased faculty assessment participation from a low of 26% to over 80%.

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