Continuums of Assessment

A white paper by Joel Hernandez, CTO

Centering Canvas in Your Assessment Culture

white paper_continuums

eLumen and Instructure launched Insights for Canvas Outcomes in 2023 to better connect the world of the assignment to longer running academic quality initiatives, ranging from accreditation to equity planning to microcredentialing at scale.

In this white paper, we look at the core assessment practices and our support for them in Insights and Canvas, as well as themes that are shaping the evolution of cohesive assessment culture.

Insights and Canvas working together not only simplifies program review and regional accreditation, but also transforms the possibilities of assessment from compliance to opportunity. It enables us to readily observe demonstrated mastery, pinpoint learning opportunities, and compare curricular intent with student outcomes. Longitudinal performance data fosters continuous improvement and enables robust equity initiatives. Additionally, it provides a platform of practice that enables competency-based education initiatives.

Download the white paper.